Getting to Know Coach Hoke

So who exactly is this Brady Hoke we all keep hearing about? Let's take a minute to get to know Michigan's 19th head coach.

Brady Hoke during his Michigan coaching career from 1995-2002
Hoke as the head coach at San Diego State from 2008-2010
Name: Brady Hoke
Born: November 3rd, 1958, Dayton, OH
Family: Married to wife Laura, daughter Kelly. Older brother Jon is currently the secondary coach for the Chicago Bears. Father John played for Woody Hayes at tOSU. Despite father's connection to tOSU, Brady grew up a Michigan fan.

Playing Career:
Ball State (1977-1980), Linebacker, 4-year letterman, 99 tackles as a soph., 95 as a junior, 150 as a senior. Captain of 1980 team, earned 2nd-team all MAC. Won 1978 MAC title.

Coaching Career:
1981-1982 Yorktown HS (DC, OL)
1983-1983 Grand Valley State (DL)
1984-1986 Western Michigan (DL)
1987-1989 Toledo (LB)
1989-1994 Oregon State (DL)
1995-1996 Michigan (DE)
1997-2001 Michigan (DL)
2002-2002 Michigan (Assoc HC/DL)
2003-2008 Ball State (HC)
2008-2010 San Diego State (HC)
2011-         Michigan (HC)

Coach Hoke congratulating Phillip Brabbs after his game winning FG against Washington in 2002.
Head Coaching Record:
Overall 47-50
Ball State 34-38
San Diego State 13-12
Overall Bowls 1-1

2008 MAC West Division Champions
2010 Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year

A few thoughts
Initial reaction from Michigan fans has been mixed. On one hand, you have a large (but growing) group of people who are willing to let Coach Hoke come in, get started, and we'll see how things go. These folks are willing to support the new coach, but are very eager to see what he can do.

I will say right here and now that I am very much in this camp. I am willing to recognize that he's not the biggest name out there, but I also think that sometimes you don't need the big sexy name. Michigan has never been the kind of place that needs a big name as it's head coach. We make big names at Michigan, we don't hire them.

But there's still the group of Michigan fans who are jaded from the last 3 years with Rodriguez. This group of fans wanted the big sexy name to swoop in a rescue Michigan from mediocrity. And when Harbaugh, and then Miles never panned out, and Hoke was hired, they just threw their hands up in frustration.

To this group, I don't have anything I can tell you that will make you feel better. If you feel the need to fold your arms and hold your breath in protest until Jim Harbaugh comes to Michigan, then by all means. I personally feel that that kind of short-sightedness led to fractured fan base that ultimately led to Rodriguez being fired. If that's how you want to treat Hoke, there's not much I can

But if you want to rally behind Coach Hoke, then by all means this is the place for you. It will be my goal to try and be a fair and balanced as I can in my coverage of not only Brady Hoke, but all things Michigan football. But first and foremost, I will give him time to get started on the right foot. And it all starts with his lunch with the team today, and his press conference at 1PM.

Go Blue!

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  1. Totally agree that we don't need a big name, in fact, it's preferable. All the now great coaches, at one point, were no-names, or almost, when they got "their" schools. Bo, Tressel, Meyer, Miles, Chizik, Kelly, Carroll, even Harbaugh.

    This is the job Hoke's been working towards for years. Now he's got it. I'm happy for him. Even San Diego State is happy for him, which says a lot! Let's show the guy some support. I'm confident he's going to turn things around quickly: we're not going to be champions overnight, but I'm willing to bet that at least the team will show the spirit and discipline of a well-coached team regardless of the outcome. And that's been missing for a while now.

    Welcome back, Coach Hoke.

    Go Blue!