Brandon's Flight Path Avoids Ohio

We all know Dave Brandon has been traversing the country in search of Michigan's next head coach. He's been doing so via a private jet, which many Michigan bloggers have been tracking online.

We reported to you last night that Brandon met with Les Miles in Baton Rouge. While we know for sure that a meeting took place, the specific substance of that meeting remains a mystery. Word is, no deal or formal agreement has been reached. Maybe the two sides just agreed to sleep on it...who knows. We're hearing that LSU officials met with Miles shortly after UM officials flew back to Michigan.

But what I love, is that on the flight back to Willow Run Airport, Dave Brandon's jet, Domino 1, slightly adjusted it's flight path to completely avoid flying through Ohio airspace.

You can see that a direct line from BTR to YIP would clip just the edge of Ohio over Toledo.

All I can say is, either this is just a happy coincidence, or Dave Brandon knows that nerdy Michigan bloggers like me pay attention to stuff like this, and was having a little fun with the situation. Either my book, Dave Brandon's stock just went way up last night.

Consider this the modern-day equivalent of Woody Hayes' not buying gas in the state of Michigan to avoid paying Michigan sales tax. Only now it's millionaires steering their corporate jets to avoid your rivals airspace.

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