Week 2 Injury Report, Blog Notes

Via UM media relations:
University of Michigan Football Injury Report
September 11, 2010 at Notre Dame

Ferrara, John               Hand
Johnson, Carvin           Knee
Van Slyke, Jared          Clavicle
Toussaint, Fitzgerald   Knee
Woolfolk, Troy            Ankle

Hemingway, Junior     Hamstring

Roundtree, Roy 
Just a couple thoughts...obviously the injury to Hemingway is taking a little longer to recover from than previously thought. Hopefully he can at least make the trip to South Bend and at least be an option. Carvin Johnson's knee injury from week 1 will keep him out of this game. And it seems as if Roy Roundtree's injury is hopefully a non-issue given that they don't even list anything on the official report.

Blog Notes
On a personal note, we were really efforting a full preview post for Notre Dame, but a heavier than normal work schedule and a 9 week old baby at home have been keeping that from happening. We'll have just a few brief thoughts on the upcoming game posted hopefully by middle of the day Friday.

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