Poor Irish Fan - Video of the Day

Charlie Gantt - AP
The MSU-Notre Dame ending was not only a huge surprise, but probably the ballsiest call I've seen in a long time. My hat's off to Dantonio for calling that one. And of course, we hope for a speedy recovery to the Spartan coach following his heart attack suffered late Saturday night. While a heart attack is a very serious matter, it sounds like he is doing well, and will make a full recovery.

But the best part of that play was that it gave us this video...

But, if you look very closely at the play clock, it does seem to run out before the ball is snapped. Both the ESPN play clock on the scorebar and the play clock on the MSU scoreboard seem to match. No one noticed, and no call was made. And I don't think delay-of-game is a reviewable call.


  1. I think they should call that play Spartan Horse.

    The look of disbelief on Kelly & Company's faces is just amazingly delicious.

  2. That was a great call, but if you take a close look at the play, MSU should have been called for delay of game. The clock hit 00 and the ball was still under center. But, who cares! I'm glad that MSU beat Notre Dame!