Hype Videos? Hype Videos.

Back in the old days, all we had were pre-season rags. Phil Steele, Athlon...these were the first sign of the coming college football season. When you saw these bad boys sitting on the shelves of your local Borders or your favorite local bookseller, you knew college football was just around the corner.

Sure, you can (and should) still pick up these gems every year. But there's a new trend happening that supersedes the pre-season magazine in popularity...and it's only getting started.

Hype videos.

Every school worth it's salt has a rabid fanbase that simply can not wait for the next season to begin. A select few pass the time digging up past highlights (and lowlights for dramatic effect) and edits together a video hyping up the coming season. Some Michigan fans have been hard at work lately coming up with hype videos for 2010. Some are really great, some are cheesy. Here are a few of my favorites.

My Time

Sometimes When You're On

Pump Up

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