UM-OSU Will Still Be Last Game, 2011-12 Conference Schedules

Earlier today, we reported the new divisions in the Big Ten. Per the news being reported as I type via the special on the Big Ten Network...Michigan's conference schedules for 2011 and 2012:

10/1 – Minnesota
10/8 – @ Northwestern
10/15 – @ Michigan State
10/22 – BYE
10/29 – Purdue
11/5 – @ Iowa
11/12 – @ Illinois
11/19 – Nebraska
11/26 – Ohio State

9/29 – BYE
10/6 – @ Purdue
10/13 – Illinois
10/20 – Michigan State
10/27 – @ Nebraska
11/3 – @ Minnesota
11/10 – Northwestern
11/17 – Iowa
11/24 – @ Ohio State

Yes, we will continue to play OSU in the last game of the season from now until the end of time.

The rules for all teams based on the new divisions and schedules:

• Each team will play all 5 other teams in their division every year
• 1 protected crossover game every year for each team (example: UM-OSU)
• 2 revolving crossover games each year
• 8 total conference games every year (4 home, 4 away)
• No more than two consecutive conference home or away games
• 2 home, 2 road in each half of the conference schedule

10:26PM UPDATE via UM Media Relations:
Statement from Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon
We feel really good about the outcome and the new divisional structure designed through the efforts of the Big Ten office, university presidents and athletic directors. My peers and I spent many hours together, or working by phone, to address every factor that each institution brought to the table.

I think we created divisions that are great for the Big Ten, each institution and the fans. We worked hard to ensure that all the traditions were maintained, while addressing the new rivalries that could be created with the inclusion of Nebraska and the conference championship game.

As Michigan Athletic Director, I’m elated by this new divisional alignment. Our goal entering the discussion was to preserve our great rivalries with Michigan State and Ohio State. We were able to do both and the best news is “The Game” will continue to be played during the final week of the regular season. We also added Nebraska as a member of our division which will create a great new rival for our team. As a bonus, we could face Ohio State again in the title game and play for the championship of the conference and a trip to the Rose Bowl. This is the best possible scenario we could have asked for at the beginning of this process.

I think we nailed it and scored a big touchdown for every school in the conference. Our great Michigan fans should be very pleased with this outcome.

Statement from Michigan Football Coach Rich Rodriguez
This is a great scenario for the University of Michigan and our football program. I commend the efforts made by Dave Brandon, President Mary Sue Coleman and their colleagues for working hard to reach an agreement and put together balanced divisional alignments. Dave worked to preserve our great traditional rivalry games – Ohio State and Michigan State – and got our newest member, Nebraska, placed into our division. It’s great that we could keep the greatest rivalry in college football, The Game, the regular season finale, and the bonus is we could still face Ohio State in the championship game.

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