It's Notre Dame Week, UConn Video Extravaganza

For those fans that couldn't be at the stadium yesterday, here's the stadium rededication video played at the Big House, narrated by Keith Jackson. For whatever reason, embedding the video is not possible, so you'll have to go to YouTube to watch it.

Highlights from the game:

Also, the first flyover with fireworks:

The 2nd flyover with 2 A-10 Warthogs:

Lots of stuff planned for the upcoming week. First we'll have a recap of the UConn game, followed by lots of anti-Notre Dame nonsense, followed by some real actual ND preview stuff...and than probably more anti-Notre Dame nonsense. All in all, expect quite a bit of rivalry nonsense here this week. But it's all in good fun...and since we're both 1-0, this game has a bit more meaning than it did yesterday at this time.

So to start us off, a little Notre Dame rah-rah video that made its way onto the interwebs a few months ago, but is well worth re-posting now that it's Irish week.

Your eyes don't deceive you, this is a real video produced by Notre Dame. They really made this and people really worked hard on it. Really.

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