You're Doing It Wrong

This is what I watched today. For 1 1/2 hours after halftime.

I don't even know how to begin to describe this game or the overall state of Michigan football right now. We're going backwards. We're getting worse. Each uglier than the loss that preceded it.

Why is this happening? Youth? Inexperience? Coaching? Play calling? Yeah...those are all aspects of it. But basically, we're doing all the basic stuff wrong. We're not blocking well, we're not tackling well, we're not protecting the football. You can't expect to beat someone else, when you're too busy beating yourself. I don't know what Rodriguez and his coaches do in practice all day...but apparently, they don't spend much time working on protecting the football or trying to create turnovers.

Turnover margin since 2004:
2009: -1.11
2008: -0.83
2007: +0.15
2006: +1.08
2005: +0.42
2004: +0.50

Not much else can be said. In close games, or at least when the momentum is on the line, turnovers are a huge boost, or huge a bust. Today, we made a 1-6 Illinois team look like the next Big Ten champion.

From the moment the touchdown was over-turned by the replay official (which was the right call by the way), Michigan looked lost. Juice Williams, not exactly as Juicy as he used to be, took this game over and secured his starting role at Illinois for the rest of his senior season. And down the stretch, we were out-coached and all phases of the game.

We gave up.

People keep saying that Rodriguez's system is so great and he's going to do great things here. But I'm just tired of waiting for it. I'm a patient guy...but I'm just tired of losing. I'm tired of seeing players dejected on the sideline and coaches yelling at each other. It's embarrassing.

At this point, where we are now and all that's happened over the last 2 years...I've never been so depressed as a Michigan fan.

I don't even know where we go from here.


  1. when r we going to get to see redshirt freshman mike cox at rb?

  2. trying to find words to express my disgust with RR and the Michigan game yesterday, he certainly did not look like any sort of mastermind as he stared at the field with a deer in the headlights look, we supposedly have one of the fastest players in the country and he stands on the sidelines the whole game, he could return punts, kicks, run some plays at flanker, maybe a wildcat fromation( you know the one that coaches with a pulse above the neck are running), or maybe in the spread from the frickin 1 yard line instead of running plays that a middle school defensive coordinator could defense. I have been defending RR to everyone all year, at this point I would rather have some of the former Detroit Lions coaches in there. Anyone who was down on Lloyd Carr may want to revisit their thinking. I will be shocked if we even compete, let alone win another game this season. I have been a tried and true Michigan man for more than 30 years, yesterday was an absolute embarrassment to the program and the school that I love.

  3. Where do we go from here? We likely lose the next three games, we are hit with a major violation by the NCAA (Happy New Year), the new AD terms RR’s contract without a buyout penalty as a result of the major violation and we move on. Unfortunately, our program is in shambles for the next four to five years regardless of how you look at it.

    If by some chance we don’t get hit with a major violation, I start a fund to help the university with the buyout associated with RR’s contract. Some would say that is harsh, but he gets paid far too much money not to deliver improved results. His performance would not last in a public corporation and it should not last at Michigan. Look at what Brian Kelly has accomplished at Cincy since he joined. He didn’t have to wait for his players to improve. I’ve also heard he hasn’t had a recruiting class ranked higher than 70th in the nation in the last five years. That’s called coaching up; not coaching down like RR and staff have proven they are very capable of doing.

  4. Amen..."..he certainly did not look like any sort of mastermind as he stared at the field..." - very poor simple game management on RR's part...very OVERRATED coach.

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