Looking Back at Week 7 - Delaware State

Well, this game turned out as 'bout as good as it could have.

• We blew away an inferior opponent.
• We only had one turnover.
• We never punted or had to kick a field goal.
• We broke the Michigan all-time offensive yardage record for a single game
• We had no injuries
• We didn't have to use players who were nursing injuries
• We got to play every player in uniform who's not going to red-shirt.

All in all, a nice outing for the Michigan squad. You could argue that a game is not as good as a bye-week, but in this case...coming off of two straight tough losses, a big win like this exactly what the doctor ordered.

When I saw this game pop up on the schedule last year, I had my doubts...the loss to Appy State was still fresh in my memory. I was really hoping this could have remained a bye-week. But looking back at how it turned out, and doing so from my comfy chair in the press box, I can see how games like this will soon become the norm for programs like Michigan.

It really boils down to the timing of playing schools like Delaware State. Ideally, you get them early in the schedule so you can build confidence and get an easy win early. But for this young Michigan team, playing this game right smack dab in the middle of the schedule is actually the best thing we could have had happen.

I won't go much more into specifics of what this game means on a psychological level for the Michigan players. No need. This was a confidence builder...a glorified scrimmage...and nothing more.

Props to Delaware State for showing up and earning their $550,000 check. You paid for it by taking a royal beat down. The nice thing is, your athletic department can now go out and get you some uniforms that fit, and can have your names on the back of.

For Michigan, we get to throw another win up into the W-L column. We paid for it, so let's enjoy it. For your enjoyment, here's some nice inflated stats from the scrimmage:

• Total Offensive Yards: 727
• First Downs: 34
• Net Yards Rushing: 461
• Yards per Rush: 8.5
• Average Gain per Play: 10.1
• Punts: 0
• Kickoffs: 10
• Opponent 3rd Down Conversions: 1 for 15

Very nice. You won't see stats like that again for a long, long time.

You looked good Michigan. Now impress me by doing it again this weekend.

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