Monday Night News

Just a few topics of interest this late Monday evening.

• As expected, center David Molk has been cleared to practice this week and is likely to at least be in uniform this weekend for Penn State.

• RB Brandon Minor will also likely be fine for Penn State. His status for Delaware State last weekend was a game-time scratch. Just a precautionary measure.

• Same can be said for QB Tate Forcier. At the post-game presser, Rodriguez told the media that if needed, Tate could have been good to go for the whole game.

• RB Carlos Brown was day-to-day with lingering effects of his concussion which he sustained in practice a couple weeks ago. Word is, he will be ready to go for Penn State.

• Interesting story: Delaware State had to concede a loss to fellow conference foe North Carolina A&T in order to play Michigan last weekend. Originally, NC A&T was their scheduled opponent for last weekend. But the prospect of funding their entire athletic department for the next 2 years was just too good to pass they had to actually take a loss in order to play Michigan. So, technically...Delaware State lost twice last weekend. But...don't tell them that, they're counting it as a win. (Thanks to Michigan Sports Center for the link)

• Former WR James Rogers has been moved to cornerback. This is for two reasons. 1) Boubacar Cissoko messed up big time and will probably not be back in a Michigan uniform anytime soon. 2) JT Turner is going to red-shirt this season.

• This was posted on mgoblog, and then on Spawn of MZone...and now by me. This is just too good not to post. What do you get when a pissed off tOSU redneck wants to fight Terrelle Pryor, and he just happens to figure out how to turn on the video camera? Enjoy.

• And this last story is just from my experience from last week when I had a press pass to the game. After the game ended, I was down on the field taking a couple shots of Denard getting interviewed by the Big Ten Network. As I made my way up the entrance to the tunnel, I realized I was walking right in front of QB David Cone. Well, as you know, Cone had a pretty nice game. So a lot of the fans were cheering his name pretty loud as he entered the tunnel to head up to the locker room. As I glanced back to see the 6-7 QB walking behind me, I could see that he was trying so hard not to grin...but wasn't able to play it cool as the huge smile lit up his face. It was a great moment for the backup QB. One that I'm glad I got to witness.

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