Video Clips From Saturday

Usually, we link to other people's video clips on this site. But last Saturday I was able to take some videos of my own when I was on the field for the Delaware State game. I took many videos, but these are the two that turned out the best. Enjoy!

First, we have Michigan players coming out to warm up. I was standing pretty much right under the goal posts in the north endzone. Perfect place to see everything that's going on during pre-game.

Michigan Warm-Ups from Maize & Blue Nation on Vimeo.

I tried as hard as I could to get up into the tunnel to see the band/players run out onto the field, but I got over there late and had to stand just outside the tunnel. No problem. It was just as impressive either way. This video starts late because I had to flip my camera into "video" mode after just taking a picture. I didn't expect the team to run out onto the field so fast...I was hoping they'd hang in the tunnel for a minute. Oh well.

Michigan Takes the Field from Maize & Blue Nation on Vimeo.

Amazing day. Go Blue! Beat Penn State!

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