The NCAA Is Interested

On Monday, the NCAA let the University of Michigan know that it would like to lend a hand in the investigation of alleged rule breaking in the number of hours allotted for practice by student athletes as reported last August by the Detroit Free Press.

ESPN story.

We here at MBN think that this could eventually end one of three ways.

1) The NCAA calls the university, asks a couple questions. Mary Sue Coleman and Bill Martin have a conference call...and this whole circus dies a silent death months from now after it's no longer an issue.

2) The NCAA does it's little song and dance, raises the level of suspicion in order to quell any sort of similar activity that is may occurring on every another college campus. No real ruling or penalty is handed down, and Michigan just has to deal with a little PR blemish.

3) The NCAA does a major investigation and unearths some huge amazing plot to cover up a pandemic rule tampering of epic proportions and they're left with no other course of action than to impose serious sanctions on the football program.

Either way, the Detroit Free Press...more specifically Michael Rosenberg, gets to continue sharpening his ax while his employer loses readership and credibility faster than ever.

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