Still Kicking

I'm still here. Sorry to have been pretty much MIA from this site for the past week. Real life and work life have been keeping me more than busy lately. And since football news has almost grinded to a complete halt, I thought I'd just take some time off from the usual posting to focus on other things.

Rest assured, I am still around and still reading all the latest headlines. I guess while we're here we'll take this opportunity to drop a few links on what has been going on.

• Senior RB Kevin Grady went to jail for 7 days for violating his probation from last year's drunk driving extravaganza. He was released 2 days early, possibly for good behavior. But this throws into question his future with the program.

• Redshirt freshman guard Kurt Wermers is not going to return for his sophomore/freshman season. Not sure why. Possibly because he wasn't going to be seeing the field anytime soon and that just didn't sit well with the young man.

• WR Tony Clemons is headed to Colorado.

• Not surprisingly, tOSU leads the Big Ten in recruiting violations. Of the 21 total violations by the Big Ten in 2007-2008, 13 of those were committed by tOSU. Apparently, no one in Columbus is concerned. Move along people, nothing to see here.

• For 2010, Michigan Stadium will feature wider seats. Part of the renovation calls for, among other things, wider isles, handrails and wider seats. Apparently, this will cause a 1 year (2009) surplus of seats that need to be filled for just one season before they vanish for 2010. 4,000 to 5,000 seats will be sold as part of a one-year-only season ticket package. Each seat will cost you $400 for the season. That's the regular price for an 8-game season package. Tickets can be purchased from mgoblue dot com.

• And finally, the self-righteous folks at Notre Dame have decided they really didn't like Charlie Weis's 2007 season as head coach. ND went 3-9 that year. Apparently, they left out that little jewel in their latest edition of the football media guide (spring prospectus) in Weis's year-by-year bio section. Maybe they should omit his salary from that season from his bank account too.

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