College Football Recruiting Maps

We don't usually go bananas for recruiting...I mean sure we'll take notice when a prospect gives Michigan his verbal, and signing day is always fun...but that's about it for our "coverage". But I had to post this. Penn State blog Zombie Nation found this and posted it. Google maps application for tracking recruits from every conference. Plus I just wanted to embed a custom Google map in my post.

View Big Ten Recruiting, 2010 in a larger map

To see recruits from other conferences, just click the magic guy in the Gulf of Mexico.


  1. The map is missing two Wolverine recruits from Ohio: DJ Williamson and Antonio Kinard. Other than that, pretty cool visual.

  2. That is a cool mash up with the Google Maps API. Nicely done! It's too bad it can't be wired into an API from so it automatically updates. That would be killer.

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