Monday Link-a-Thon

Playing a little catch up with last weeks and this past weekend's news...

Michigan at Wisconsin outdoor hockey game tickets go on sale today
It must be tough to know that Michigan is going to make your outdoor hockey game look like a pee-wee game next year.
Michigan's latest WR commit is versatile
And averages 44.2 return yards per kickoff.
Minnesota loses 3 football scholarships
Their ARP goes from 927 to 887.
Lou Holtz gives a motivational speech in metro Detroit
Doctor Lou is taking his act on the road.
Wolverine vs. Wolverines
James Earl Jones is still cooler than Hugh Jackman.

And finally, we can not let a week go by where we don't mention something about Greg this week, we feature the Greg Paulus "2009 Restore the Glory" World Tour t-shirt, brought to to you by the fine folks over at ESPN dot com's Page 2...(click image for larger version)

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