Futility Against The Buckeyes

Well folks, this day has been circled on Buckeye's fans calendars since we left Columbus last November. It has been exactly 2000 days since Michigan has beaten tOSU in football. I was going to just bury my head in the sand and not mention anything about it today, but instead I'll go the other route and dive right into Michigan's recent futility against the nuts from mid-Ohio.

When you think about it, or even if you don't think about it, 2000 days is really a long time, but only 5 of those days are the ones we care about. The 1995 other days are spent listening to Buckeye fans howl about how awesome and amazing they are. But the worst part is, we can't say anything back.

Sure, we lead the all-time series 57-42-6. But if you just take the games from 1950 until now, tOSU leads us 30-27-2. Not domination by any stretch, but it does shed some light into just how great Michigan was when none of us were alive. It wasn't until the 16th meeting in 1919 when tOSU finally chalked up a win.

But since the BCS era started in 1998, Michigan is 3-8 against tOSU. There is no question that the Buckeye's have been dominant in this series in the last 11 years. Michigan basically ruled the 80's and 90's...but since then...not so much.

Why is this?

I will attribute about 70% of it to sweater-vest. He has turned them into a legitimate contender almost every year since becoming coach in 2000. The day John Cooper was fired was a sad day for Michigan fans. Since then Jim Tressel has owned Michigan. From the very beginning of his tenure, he has made beating Michigan his single biggest goal each year. And frankly, even though I think a coach shouldn't pin his entire career on one game, this scheme has worked wonders for Sir Teflon. His speech in front of the home crowd at halftime of the tOSU-Michigan basketball game in January of 2001 cemented his legacy.
I can assure you that you will be proud of our young people, in the classroom, in the community, and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the football field.
Well, at least we was right with 1/3 of that statement. Classroom and community aren't really that important in Columbus. All that matters is the win-loss record on the football field.

So, if you have to, let those Buckeye's flaunt their righteousness today. They've certainly earned it...or at least have bought and paid for it. We'll get a win one of these years. I just truly hope that it won't be another 2000 days until that happpens.

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  1. I don't think Rich Rod will beat Tressel. RR does not seem to understand the UM ways. I think there is a chance UM misses a bowl game again. Think UM will be eventually respectable but I see UM hiring Les Miles in two years. Believe Rich Rod is fired after 2010 season.