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Sophomore WR Darryl Stonum may face jail time as part of a sentence handed down yesterday by Michigan 15th district court judge Julie Creal for Stonum's late arrival to his hearing. He faced a charge of operating a motor vehicle while visibly impaired in late September (he was drunk). His attorney said that he could face up to 93 days in jail, $300 in fines and 360 hours of community service. He pleaded guilty to charges.

Stonum was suspended by Rodriguez last season for one game, Oct. 4th against Illinois. No further action is suspected from Rodriguez.

Via The Blog that Yost Built, my alma mater is rumored to be considering dropping their hockey program. BGSU is a member of the same division as Michigan...the CCHA. They won a national title in 1984...and have put more then their fair share of players into the National Hockey League. BGSU might not be as big as say Michigan or some of their fellow teams in the CCHA...they really haven't been that good since the late 80's, but that would still be a huge loss for not only the university, but the whole league.

Check out Save BGSU Hockey on the might not help much, but it might be all we can do at this point.

In case you've been hiding under a rock lately, then you haven't heard that the Michigan basketball squad takes on Iowa today at 2:30PM on ESPN2 in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis. The winner of this game will go on to play Illinois tomorrow at 6:30PM. Head on over to for all of the details.

Here's a snapshot of the tourney bracket via UMHoops.

Most people in the know have Michigan pegged for an at-large bid for the NCAA tourney next week. Last weekend's comeback win against Minnesota was a big one for Michigan in their hopes of making the field of 64 (or is it 65?). Either way, a strong showing (at least 1 win) at the BTT will all but guarantee an NCAA appearance.

Go Blue!

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