DRob is a Freak

Apparently, it isn't just enough to be a great high school QB and get a full ride to Michigan to play football...Denard Robinson likes to keep in shape during the off-season by running track...like a freak.

Most of what makes a good dual-threat QB good is the ability to get out of trouble when a play breaks down. WRs don't get open in time or the line can only block for so long. The guy with the ball the most in the spread offense is the QB. And when he has 7 or 8 guys coming after him at full speed, it's beneficial to be able to elude defenders and get into open field.

Incoming freshman QB Denard Robinson will be able to do just that. With ease.

Last weekend, DRob won the BCAA Track Championships at Coral Springs in the 100 meter dash. He ran it in a time of 10.44 seconds. According to Dyestat Elite 100 rankings, that's the #2 fastest high school time in the nation, and the fastest time in the state of Florida. Link to Miami Herald story.
''I was kind of disappointed in myself to run a 10.44, but I will accept that, ''Robinson said. "Running the No. 2 time in the nation is pretty good. I was trying to run a 10.3, but there was strong wind. I'm working harder on it and expect to hit a 10.3 by states.''
Wow. Threet who? Sheridan what?

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