Hockey at the Big House and the Mind of Maurice Clarett

I've been pretty bad about keeping up lately on this blog. While I don't want to make lame excuses, all I can say is that on Monday, while chopping up some vegetables making dinner, the knife took a wrong turn into my left ring finger, sending me to the urgent care and eventually back the next day for stitches. All told, I'll be fine, but it was a lesson learned the hard way in large sharp knives and their effects on the human appendage. Typing is a little harder than it used to this will be short.

However, since I last posted, some big news has come down the wire.

On December 11, 2010, Michigan will play host to Michigan State in The Cold War II. That's right, an outdoor hockey game at Michigan Stadium! No doubt it will shatter the existing record for attendance at a hockey game. Seven years ago Michigan and little brother tussled in East Lansing before a crowd of 74,554 at the concrete monstrosity they call a football stadium. No doubt a game at the Big House will draw a crowd of well over 100,000. And, all the renovations will be done by then, so there is no question Michigan Stadium can accommodate an event like this.

Also, according to MSC, the Detroit Red Wings are interested in playing an outdoor game at the Big House the day after the UM-MSU game. No official word yet...but that would be amazing as well.

In other news. Former tOSU tailback and now incarcerated member of the Toledo Correctional Facility for wielding an AK-47 and a bottle of Grey-Goose during a police chase in 2006...Maurice Clarett is now a blogger! I don't know how he blogs...prisoners are not allowed computer privileges...but his blog, The Mind of Maurice Clarett, is live and officially confirmed as his.

Obviously letting anyone into the mind of this criminal is huge mistake. And I assume that he dictates his thoughts to an outside source and they actually write for the blog itself. Either way, its live and we must read it...why? Because like our friends at UMTailgate say...we're moths attracted to the flame.

And finally, just saw this. Somehow...some way, Michigan was the most profitable football program in the Big Ten for the 2008 fiscal year.

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