Michigan Stadium Construction Photos

Up now at mgoblue, the latest and greatest photos of the progress of the quarter-of-a-billion dollar renovation at the Big House.

Clearly, progress is being made on the exteriors of the brick structures, and I assume the interiors as well. It will be really interesting to see just how close to finished the whole project will look this fall.

The most amazing thing to me is the shear difference in size between the old press-box and the new press-box looming over and behind it. There will always be a small place in my heart for the old look of the stadium...with the small maize & blue scoreboards and old matching press-box. But there is no question, when you see the changes being made, that they were overdue.

And, I should also mention that now that the visible part of the press-box from the field is starting to take shape, there is no question that these two structures will dramatically increase the noise level inside the stadium. If the old argument was that most of the crowd noise went straight out of the top of the bowl (and it did), then having two very large deflectors on both ends of the stadium will make a noticeable difference. I know some Michigan fans sit on their hands during the game, but there had to be a reason the Big House was so quiet most of the time...and this hopefully will end those days.

Expect some more photos by yours truly after the spring game in two weeks.

In other news, Nick Sheridan will be out of the remainder of the spring with a broken leg. Sheridan fractured his leg last Tuesday during a scrimmage. He will be back to full-strength by the fall.

"He's got a small fracture in his lower leg," coach Rodriguez explained. "According to trainer's talk it's not a displaced fracture so he doesn't have to have surgery. It's four to six weeks and then he'll be good to go. So that takes him out of the rest of practice for spring ball, but for summer workouts he'll be fine.

"It didn't look like a violent thing, but I think it just got twisted under him a little bit. It happens," Rodriguez continued. "These last few practices will give some other guys more reps and Nick will stay in tune mentally.

"He'll miss 10 practices, but Nick being a sharp guy, and again only being a four to six week injury, he'll be able to pick it up on his own in summer workouts and be able to jump right back into the mix in August."

Hopefully the mild temps will continue for the spring game. So far Michigan has been able to have all of their spring practices outdoors.

Also, Ricky Barnum twisted his ankle and will also be out for a few practices...not sure if he'll return by April 11.

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