Playing Catch Up, Spring Game Info

I'm back! After what seems like a month (actually about a week and a half) of no posting, I am back in the saddle. First I must apologize to my minion of loyal readers. Real life has been keeping me much busier than usual these past couple weeks, and thus this blog has suffered the brunt of my neglect. Luckily, we're in the middle of the off-season, and there's not much pressing news to discuss right now. But there are some things that have taken place in recently that we should catch up on.

• Two new 2010 commits. This is old news, but took place last week and we never got around to it. Antonio Kinard (6-4, 210) a linebacker from Youngstown, OH. And DJ Williamson (6-1, 172) a WR from Warren, OH. Both Ohio recruits have yet to be rated by Rivals. Kinard does receive pretty good marks in terms of size and potential. And Williamson, although small, is very fast...boasting a 4.4 second 40 yard dash.

• WR Toney Clemons has decided to transfer after this semester. He cites his long discussion with Rodriguez in which the coach was not happy to hear this news, but did grant his transfer. Clemons said he just didn't want to play in a spread offense. He leaves Michigan with 12 career receptions and 106 yards and no touchdowns. No word as to where he'll be headed.

• The Ann Arbor News is closing its doors in July. The paper started printing in 1835. It will shift to an online version this summer.

• Rich Rodriguez is on Twitter. And it has been confirmed that it is really his page.

• The Detroit Free Press has a photo gallery of the first Michigan spring practice last week. My favorite pic:

QB Tate Forcier handing off to RB Vincent Smith.

•For a recap of last week's practices, mgoblue has you covered.

• The spring game is slated for noon on April 11. The Michigan athletic department is trying to spur some more excitement about the annual inter-squad match up by adding some new events like a Michigan Football Alumni flag football game. According to Michigan Sports Center, Gary Moeller will coach the Maize squad while Jerry Hanlon will coach the Blue. The game will last one hour and will start at 10AM.

Also, from 8-10AM, there will be locker room tours for anyone who wants to show up that early. The locker room will be all decked out in gameday fashion, and fans will be allowed to take photos.

There will be a designated student section for the spring game, the first 20 rows of sections 24 and 25.

The marching band, cheerleaders and dance team will also be in attendance.

All told, the goal for the spring game is to get 40,000 fans to attend. Obviously this depends almost 100% on the weather. But if we can get a nice warm day, then 40,000 doesn't seem all that crazy. I think we can expect a much more gameday-like atmosphere than in years past under the Lloyd administration where the spring "scrimmage" was more like an hour long practice.

But I agree with Michigan Sports Center that a more game-like spring contest will do nothing but increase exposure and excitement for Michigan football.

And of course, admission is still free.

So hopefully this small recap (thanks mostly to MSC and mgoblog) will help get you up to speed with whats new in the world of Michigan football. I will try not to take such a long leave of absence without notice next time. Thanks for reading. Go Blue!

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