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• The Minnesota blog Buck Bravo's Gopher Football Blog took an interesting look into what could be a new phenomenon...Big Ten Bloggers somehow influencing teams recruiting rankings. Seems like a long shot, but have a look see and decide on you own. And for what it's worth, we here at MBN love the name "Buck Bravo".

• Speaking of Big Ten blogs, Jeff over at The Buckeye Battle Cry has taken his shot at pretty much every sport that is played by a team in the state of Michigan. Here's his story, and a thorough rebuttal from UMTailgate.

A few things bother my about the BBC's assertion that the whole state of Michigan's sports teams need a bailout. Aside from the obvious fact that a Buckeye has opened their mouth, he goes on to say a few things that really irk me.

First of all, he goes after the Detroit Red Wings:

Who cares? There’s a reason why ESPN has the NHL link AFTER their soccer link.
Anyone who bases an argument on where their sport ranks on the header the has bigger issues to deal with. The Red Wings play in maybe one of the toughest sports on the planet, and they consistently win. They're maybe one of the best and most successful sports franchises in the world. That counts for something.

Dude. 0-16.


When the Browns have to START their fourth-string QB and still end up with four more wins than you, you suck.

Dude...I'll agree the Lions are bad. But so are the Browns and the Bengals. Together they combined for a stunning record of 8-23-1 in 2008 (they split the season series 1 win each). And since Ohio has two NFL teams that can be successful, and aren't...I'll call it a draw.
Just three months ago, ESPN was trumpeting their trade for Allen Iverson as a move that would guarantee them more seasons on top of the Central Division and the Eastern Conference. Right now, Detroit is fighting to even make the playoffs.
The Pistons raised the NBA title banner in 2004, and have won the division title 6 times since 2002, and the conference title in 2004 and 2005. And if anyone wants to dissect the worth of the Cavs franchise, just watch and see how fast LeBron James leaves town when he's a free agent next year.

And finally, the shot at Michigan.
What once was a proud football school has been leveled into depression. And while to MGoBlog denizens will tell you that it’s going to be better once Rich Rodriquez gets “his men” in there, the real fact is that it’s probably not hit rock bottom yet.

More players are likely to transfer, and as the losses pile up, so will the desperation. Bo Schembechler once put up that sign that read “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions”. His players knew that it meant they had to be tough to be a Michigan football player, and they would use that toughness to win championships.

RichRod is no Schembechler. He’s not even close.
Interesting. Yes, we've been your whipping boy for the last 5 years. But I think it's funny how easily tOSU fans forget that they were Michigan's whipping boy for much longer before that. It's cyclical. Everyone knows that. We still have the edge on you 57-42-6.

See you on November 21st. Our house.

• And if anyone needs yet another reason to hate Ohio, and a whiskey brand at the same time...spotted somewhere in the Columbus area.

Thanks to Brian @ mgoblog for the image. And a special thanks to the fine people of Maker's Mark. It's good to know we have an easier choice when we stroll down the whiskey isle at the store.

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