Michigan's QB Situation

Well, as we all know by now, Steven Threet is on his way to wherever he's going. Between he and Nick Sheridan, they took about 99% of the snaps last season. Threet started 8 of Michigan's 12 games, seeing playing time in 10 of those contests. So he was easily the #1 QB after the season had ended.

The loss of Threet could, and should prove to be a non-factor once summer practice begins. Maybe we all are jumping to conclusions, but I haven't met one person/blogger/writer who honestly thought Threet was going to be a starter for this team on September 5th when we host Western Michigan. Everyone was looking to someone else to take the reins of this offense.

However, going into the off-season, there was no question that Michigan needed to address the QB situation by bringing in some guys that would best fit the type of system that Rodriguez was trying to implement. And he did so. Long-time Michigan commitment Tate Forcier from Southern California, younger brother of former Michigan backup QB Jason Forcier. And last-minute commit Denard Robinson from Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Both have the chops to run the spread-option better than Threet and Sheridan did in 2008. They are prototypical run/pass QBs who are used to running this system, and were hand-picked by Rodriguez, QBs coach Rod Smith and offensive coordinator Calvin Magee.

Now that may all prove to be meaningless unless they have the mental toughness to step in and be leaders as true-freshman. But we've said this a few times before when John Navarre was a true-freshman in 2000, and then again in 2004 with Chad Henne. And from what it sounds like, Forcier is having no trouble fitting in.

Some are willing to argue that it's Forcier's starting job to lose. And that he's having such a easy time picking up the offense and fitting in so well, that he's the reason that Threet is transferring away. I might not go that far, but it does seem plausible.

But this whole QB craziness really illustrates just what a crappy and awkward season 2008 was. So much change in such a short amount of time. Sometimes I feel like we were lucky to be 3-9.

The main question on every Michigan's fans mind is: Are we going to be better off without Steven Threet? And I think the answer is a resounding yes. And furthermore, I think having 2 true-freshman QBs on the depth chart is not going to be a liability, at least not as much as flipping between Threet/Sheridan at 1 and 2 like we did much of last season.

So, my February prediction for the QB depth-chart going into the opener is:

1) Tate Forcier
2) Denard Robinson
3) Justin Feagin
4) Nick Sheridan

That's my prediction. But what do I know?

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  1. Remove Feagin as the #3 QB. Per RR he is a WR. Move Sheridan up to #3 and add the walk-on in the #4 spot. But what the hell do I know