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Steven Threet has decided to transfer. Official press link.

Not that we here at MBN were at all surprised about this news, rumors where out there last week that something was going on with Threet. Then yesterday, The Daily posted an article that Threet was going to release a comment about his future with the program.

Once the official word came out, Threet had this to say:
"I've decided to transfer from the University of Michigan. I have requested and received my release. I do not yet know where I will continue my collegiate career and will have no further comment until that decision is made."
So, sounds pretty much like he knew that his playing time, if any for 09, would be minimal now that Michigan has two much more capable QBs on the roster. Sure they're just freshman, but they fit the Rodriguez system much better than Threet or Sheridan did last year. To illustrate my next point, Threet's stats for 2008 compared to Henne's stats from his freshman year in 04:

Henne 04
Threet 08

Sure, comparing Threet to Henne is like apples to oranges, especially given the systems and support personnel they inherited, but its also how most Michigan fans will expect any incoming freshman QB to perform. Is it fair? Maybe not. Also, it should be noted that Henne had Mike Hart, Braylon Edwards and Steve Breaston. And not to mention Jake Long for his whole career. But since when have lofty expectations of Michigan fans been fair to anyone?

Unlike MSC or MVictors, I really don't see this as such a blow to the program. It might have been nice to have him around for the sake of having a QB with a year under his belt, but don't forget that it was one of the worst year's a QB has ever had at Michigan. Sure some of the blame goes to Sheridan, but I don't see losing Threet that detrimental to the program.

But, I do hope that he lands on his feet somewhere where he is a better fit. Some people suspect he's going to a FCS (1-AA) school, which probably makes sense given that he won't have to sacrifice another year off for transferring if he goes down to FCS.

So, best of luck to Threet at wherever he ends up.

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