Obligitory Super Bowl Post

As is the norm for pretty much any blog that is associated with the game of football, we too must bow to the pressures of pandering to the masses. Or, in short, post our thoughts about last night's Super Bowl. You know, that thing they show between all the commercials?

Well, luckily for Michigan fans, there were 7 Wolverines in uniform last night. So that at least gave us something to root for. And each team had their fair share of former Michiganders.

For the Cardinals, former defensive linemen Alan Branch and Gabe Watson, WR and punt returner Steve Breaston, LB Victor Hobson and TE Jerame Tuman. For the Steelers, they started LB Larry Foote and DE LaMarr Woodley.

The two standouts in this game were Breaston and Woodley. Early in the game when Kurt Warner was having a hard time getting the ball to his two marquee WRs Fitzgerald and Boldin, it was Breaston that came into the game and gave Warner a good 3rd option.

And the other Michigan alum who gave Michigan fans a reason to be proud was LaMarr Woodley. His play at the end of the game to knock the ball out of Warner's hands to cause the fumble, was a great defensive play. This blogger thinks though that it might not have been a fumble, but an incomplete pass. But that's just my opinion.

Either way it was a good game, as was last year's. And really, when it comes to Super Bowls, thats about all you can ask for.

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