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Ahh...yes, we've reached that magical time between national signing day and the first game of the season. For the lonely stretch of months that we're just beginning, football will be non-existent. Oh sure, we'll still have much to discuss. Let's not kid ourselves. We're a blog, we thrive on speculation and predictions. Half of the fun of college football is just talking about it.

Michigan's off-season began months ago, but the true off-season just began. After senior bowls and signing day, what else is there?

Well, hopefully...a few months of enough football fluff news to keep our appetite's whet in order to stave off going insane watching basketball and baseball.

Starting off our fluff, college football officials are reviewing the issue of keeping the fun out of college football. Huh?

An issue being looked at by NCAA officials is the apparent problem of athletes pre-emptively celebrating (or taunting) when scoring touchdowns. Basically, when the ball-carrier starts the celebration before they actually cross the goal line. Officials want to not only penalize the guilty party, but actually take away the touchdown all-together as the punishment.

First of all, since when has this become a problem? I would argue that there are far more important and pertinent issues to address other than athletes celebrating a touchdown. And secondly, won't this rule probably create more of a problem than the one it is trying to remedy?

My stance on this is simple. If a guy taunts another player while scoring a touchdown, that is not cool. But the punishment should be dealt by the players coach, not the officials. I can assume that Rodriguez would not be happy with his players not treating the other team with respect. Players that don't show respect for the other team, especially when scoring on them, shows a lack of discipline between that player and the rest of his team and coaches.

In recruiting news, yes...2010 recruiting news...Michigan has received another verbal from another WR. Well, actually he's a WR/DB, but either way...

Jerald Robinson
6-2, 190
Canton South High School, Canton, OH

Yet another Ohio kid who's seen the light and chosen the righteous path. He is the 3rd commit for 2010, and also the 3rd WR. It would seem odd that Michigan would get 3 outstanding WRs so early all in the same class. But according to Varsity Blue, Robinson's greatest asset is his dynamic versatility. He has the ability to play WR and S, but given that he's only a high school junior, he may add weight/size/strength and become a linebacker. At this point, who knows? But for sure he's a great player and a great addition to the 2010 class.

YouTube mix tape via Varsity Blue:

And finally, the NCAA rules committee also agreed to the following piece of interesting legislation:
The committee also approved a provision allowing both teams to wear colored jerseys in games when there is a clear contrast in color and only if both teams agrees. The agreement is also subject to conference approval.

If there is not an agreement, the visiting team would wear white jerseys.

Hmm, so when Michigan and Michigan State or Ohio State tussle, both teams could potentially wear home unis? This could be cool, given that I so prefer Michigan's home blues to their road whites...but still, I'm a traditionalist. This one will take some time to get used to.

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