Mad Marchness

Another hit for the Wolverines this week. Junior center and left guard Justin Boren is quitting the team for undisclosed reasons. Many speculate that it has something to do with his lack of motivation to work hard under the new management, and/or that he just doesn't feel comfortable in the new system.

Either way, I can understand being forced into a new system could have its disadvantages. I can only assume that walking away from a school like Michigan and a man like Rodriguez would be a terribly hard decision to make. But at the end of the day, Boren made a decision that he felt was probably best for him and the Michigan program.

I'm not going to throw him under the bus and say good riddance. I think its much deeper than that. Much like Ryan Mallett's decision to transfer, these things don't just happen in an instant. I assume there will be others as this off-season progresses, that will need to take a good look at how they fit into this system that Rodriguez will be running, and see where they can adapt to it. And some of them very well might not fit at all. I have pretty much no doubt that Rodriguez would love nothing more than to keep every player Lloyd left behind, but I'm also sure he's being realistic in that not every player came to Michigan to play for Rich Rodriguez. It's just the simple reality.

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