Dead Air

No, I'm not ignoring you...loyal reader. I am simply taking some time from my usual blogging regimen to give my career some much needed attention. Combine that with the fact that it is the middle of the off-season, and you have a recipe for absolutely nothing to report on.

I wish I cared about basketball (or do I?) and I really don't get into hockey anymore...although I hear the winged helmet icers just netted a CCHA title. So that's good news. I did happen to catch the YouTube video of Michigan's women's bball coach getting a little irritated with his team, the refs and the media at his presser a few days ago.

And of course what would a post be without at least one paragraph devoted to Terrelle Pryor speculation? What do I know? Nothing. I have a very sneaking suspicion though that Pryor may be headed to the red state of Ohio. For whatever reason, I think O$U nabbed him up when he paid them a visit late last month at a bball game. I heard that wherever he goes, we wants to be a two-sport athlete in football and bball. I seriously doubt Tre$$ell will let him get away with that...but who knows what they are telling him just to sign on the dotted line. Michigan would seemingly be a better choice just because he would be guaranteed the starting gig...whereas at O$U he'd have to sit and wait his turn. Penn State and Oregon are also rumored to be courting young Pryor as well. Those are good programs both on the I wouldn't be surprised. But my heart of hearts tells me he's going to Buckeyeland.

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