Extreme Makeover: Michigan Football Edition

A little insider look at the transformation of Michigan Football from ESPN writer Ivan Maisel. Pretty good article. I like what players are saying about Mike Barwis, the strength and conditioning coach. Not to throw Mike Gittleson under the bus...he was, after all a product of the Schembechler era. But any discerning fan of the maize & blue would probably tell you that it was time to get a new Mike in there to pump up the troops.

So, lets chart some of the changes in the works right now.
  1. New head coach
  2. New coaches at every position (except RB)
  3. New strength coach
  4. Totally new spread offensive scheme
  5. New QB, RB, WR and bulk of the OL
  6. $226 Renovation to the stadium
  7. New indoor practice facility
  8. New uni's next year (Adidas in, Nike out), although how different could they really be?
And that's just off the top of my head. Maybe two of those would be a HUGE change for the usually stogy Michigan Football program. Change is kind of resisted unless it is absolutely necessary. But what many true blue fans have come to realize is that Michigan was indeed in dire need of an extreme makeover.

With all due respect to Lloyd and his staff...which had great success here, their time was at an end. Lloyd knew it...you could tell by his body language, he just didn't have it anymore.

So as is nature...out with the old, and in with the new. My favorite part of the video in that article is when Rich is doing up-downs with the team, and hops to his feet to jump up and bump chests with a player. When's the last time you saw that from any other Michigan coach?

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