Friday Drivel

The Michigan Daily ran an article describing in detail what each of the 85 luxury boxes will feature to their oh-so-well-to-do patrons starting in 2010. For roughly $85,000 per season, you will receive a 15' x 27' sky box high above the Big House carpet.

Each suite will feature 3 rows of seats (two rows of couches and 1 row of stools) which will seat 18 people in total. Behind them will be 2 TVs, one hanging on the wall and one mounted from the ceiling...both in stunning high definition I presume. Also in the suite will be lots of counter space, sinks, and ice bins. And yes, the suites will have to abide by the stadiums no alcohol policy. A catering service will provide food, and special orders can be made ready by kick off. The suites will also share a special bathroom that is not open to the general public. Up to 4 parking spaces will be designated for each suite.

And if the sky box fans want to hear the game better, they can open the windows to hear the commoners cheering below. But its below, in the bowl of the great stadium, where I'd like to address some changes that I think would directly improve the overall quality of the stadium atmosphere.

First of all, move the band from the student section to directly behind the end zone on the flagpole side of the field. I've heard that many of the students can't hear the band that well in their section. And also I think it would help out by moving the two loudest sections away from each other. I think more people could hear the band if they play facing the bulk of the crowd instead of one corner of the stadium.

I like the band a lot. And I think they could serve the crowd better by maybe playing where most people could hear them. Remember, the band is there for us...we're not there for the band.


I can't believe that after all this time, we still can't get at least one night game per year at home. Games in the late fall that start at 3:30 and end in the dark are usually the best games of the year. The crowd is way more psyched up at night (usually from some sort of liquid fixation), but it just adds to the atmosphere.

2004, Michigan versus Michigan State. 3 Overtimes...all of which took place under the lights and in one of the most awesome college football atmospheres ever. 2005, Michigan versus Penn State. Last quarter of the game was under the lights. Henne to Manningham...need I say more?

I will also say that I am firmly against noon kickoffs. I like not having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to the stadium. I love late fall afternoons and the buildup of anticipation throughout the day. If it is a 3:30 kickoff, and if I'm watching the game at home, I can get a lot of stuff done before the game starts. The only argument I see against it is the large abuse of alcohol by students and fans who are tailgating. And my response to that is...there isn't anything that will get in the way of a motivated alcoholic.

And most importantly, I wish that all of the richy rich old-money alumna would go up to their sky boxes, shut the door and not cheer in silent...and leave your kick-ass season tickets at the 50-yard line up for grabs for someone who will actually sit there and make some damn noise!

I can not tell you how happy I am that Rich Rodriguez is here and making the changes to the culture that he is. Michigan was so in need of a total face lift. There are so many things that have gone on too long and been embedded into the system. Don't get me wrong. I love the rich history that is Michigan football. I love the stadium, the band...all that. But success has a way of making you think you're better than you think you are. Rich Rodriguez is coming into a system and shaking things up big time. Just ask Justin Boren.

The revolving door of assistant coaches has finally come to a stop. Although I really really liked Ron English...I think time will tell, but he's going to be a great coach somewhere. But it got to the point where it seemed like a bunch of guys who just liked to coach, liked the kids, and had some moderate success from time to time.

What we have now is a whole new culture. One that is used to winning big games when they matter. Rich's quote explaining his coaching career as "this isn't his first rodeo" was great. And he couldn't have been more spot on. Since he came here, he's had to endure one disaster after another. From his legal issues getting out of his WVU contract, to players leaving and replacing an entire old stogy offense...Rodriguez has been pretty steady in his demeanor and temper. Most average people would've thrown a public tirade by now.

Next year will be tough, I think most Michigan fans are bracing themselves for that. But I think once the old culture is extinguished...we can finally begin moving forward towards a new way of thinking and playing...and it all starts with demolition.

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