Do We HAVE to Run the Spread?

Terrelle Pryor is going to "THE University of Ohio State". Wow! He got the name of the school wrong. He should fit right in.

I seriously considered trying to ignore this topic completely. When he didn't sign with anyone on February 6th, that should've been the sign to drop this kid and walk away. He wanted to go to OSU then, and it took him a month and a half to finally come around to telling us.

Who knows how hard Rich Rod pulled for this kid after February 6th. His plate is full enough as it is...trying to teach a bunch of guys what a spread offense looks like. But I have no doubt that he wanted Pryor. Our recruiting class count is, and will end at 24 for this class. Although, Rich did hold open tryouts for walk-ons a couple weeks ago. Maybe a Vince Young lookalike showed up. But as it stands right now, we're painfully inexperienced at the QB position.

David Cone - Jr. (6'6", 214 lbs.)

Made one completion against Notre Dame in 2007 on the final play of the game...a 21 yard pass to Andre Criswell. It's the only pass he's ever thrown in his college career.

Steven Threet - Fr. (6'5", 228 lbs.)

Transferred from Georgia Tech to Michigan before the 2007 season. Sat out the mandatory transfer year. Never taken a snap.

Nick Sheridan - Jr. (6'1", 201 lbs.)
Played in two games as a sophomore in 2007. Took snaps against Notre Dame and Minnesota. Was also backup placekick holder. Never threw a pass.

So there you have it folks. Hey! Doesn't Drew Henson have some eligibility left?

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