Michigan State 35, Michigan 11

The combined UM and MSU bands after the game joining up to show their support for Chad Carr. Literally the only thing that happened yesterday worth showing here. (Via @BTNBrentYarina)

Michigan came into East Lansing as a 17-point underdog and left with a 24-point loss in yet another embarrassing blow for a program already on the ropes. If yesterday was truly Hoke's last chance at redeeming his Michigan coaching career, well...what's about to happen to him next is really just a formality at this point.

Michigan showed very little life as Michigan State eventually pulled away, capitalizing on Michigan mistake after Michigan mistake. The downfall of the Michigan program and all the struggles we've seen from this program the last two years were perfectly encapsulated in what we all watched yesterday.

I'd give a more thorough recap of what happened on the field, but frankly, what's the point? This was the same game we've seen from Gardner, the offensive line, the receivers and running backs for a while now. Bad throws, no blocking, dropped passes...it never ends. Michigan has talent, but it's just being squandered. The defense showed up as usual, and gave Michigan a chance to hang tight for a while, but like we all predicted, it was not nearly enough as Michigan State started to impose their will as the game wore on.

Not exactly sure what went down with the whole Bolden stake incident that happened before the game where, apparently, Michigan's Joe Bolden drove a metal stake into the midfield S on the Spartan turf, which apparently rubbed Mark Dantonio the wrong way because everything Michigan does rubs Mark Dantonio the wrong way. Long story short, Mark saw this go down, and decided to show his anger by scoring that late 4th quarter touchdown to make the score 35-11.

First off, Bolden should know better. Second, Dantonio needs to grow up and not be "disrespected" so easily. Honestly, all this ticky-tack crap..."little brother" and "pride before the fall" nonsense needs to just go away. It is not what this rivalry should be about. If Michigan could field a decent product, this series might actually be about football and not all the off-the-field crap that it is.

We hope for better days.

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