Michigan 18, Penn State 13

Schedule all night games from now on!

A gutsy performance from an obviously hobbled Devin Gardner was the difference in this game. Michigan was going nowhere with Bellomy, and hats off to Devin for coming back in when his team needed him the most. #98 finished 16 of 24 for 192 yards, 1 pick and 1 touchdown...that wonderful 43-yard grab by Devin Funchess in the first quarter. Had Michigan stuck with Bellomy, who knows how this game would've turned out.

Michigan took down their first power 5 opponent since Northwestern last season and got their first win in three weeks. Sure, Penn State is not a very good team, but neither was Rutgers. Michigan got a win against a team it should've and that, at the very least, should feel good.

Like Dennis Norfleet, let's all just dance tonight.

Michigan had their usual head scratching moments...the timeout before half for example. And of course some play calls that seemed to not make a lot of sense. But for all their struggles on offense, especially with Gardner out and Bellomy in...Michigan did just enough to capitalize off Penn State mistakes.

Michigan's defense stood tall tallying 6 sacks and numerous rushes on Christian Hackenberg forcing him to a season low 160 yards passing on 32 attempts. For a pass defense that has been gouged numerous times this year, that has to feel good. Credit goes to the front 7 for getting pressure when they had to...a lot of coverage sacks today. We'll talk more about what went down coming up soon. But for now, enjoy the victory.

Michigan now gets a week off to prepare for their daunting trip to East Lansing on October 25th.

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