We Don't Know What We Don't Know

Its been a harrowing 48 hours for the Michigan Football program. Since the moment the Minnesota Gophers ran across the field to grab the Little Brown Jug, its been a comedy of errors by the Michigan athletic department.

Its truly amazing how little I care to think about or even remember what actually happened on the field Saturday afternoon. That game seems like a distant memory. Because what has taken place, or more importantly...not taken place since then has left this Michigan fan asking who's really in charge and who knows what?

Regardless if Shane Morris actually sustained a concussion or not, there is no way that Michigan's team doctors could've possibly known for sure before sending him back onto the field when Devin Gardner's helmet came off. For an honest assessment of a concussion to be completed, it takes at least 15 minutes. Shane was on the bench for less than 5.
“It was obvious to anyone who saw him in the aftermath of that hit that he was not right,” says Kenneth Perrine, a clinical neuropsychologist at New York Presbyterian/Weill-Cornell Medical College and the consulting neuropsychologist for the New York Jets and New York Islanders, where he evaluates players with concussions. “At the very least he could have sustained a concussion.”
When Hoke met with the media today, he seemed defensive and irate at times.
Q: I won’t pretend to know your system, and I know that you as a head coach have a lot to do one the sideline but don’t you have people dedicated during the game-

“There are.”

…to watching for possible injuries like that and then fully checking them out, and did that happen?

“I would assume, yes. Because they do every other time.”
That hardly seems like the kind of thing you would just want to assume.

Michigan and Brady Hoke have done absolutely nothing to help this situation since it occurred. Where is the medical report that Hoke referenced and deferred to many times in his press conference?

I'm not a public relations professional, but as strictly an outsider and a fan, I am shocked at how unorganized the damage control has been on this situation.

Say what you want about Dave Brandon (and everyone is saying what they want), but we know firsthand that he knows how to deal with a media crisis/circus.  His handling of the Rich Rod practicegate scandal was masterful.  I dubbed him ‘Super Dave’ and he deserved it.  What’s striking to me here is the complete lack of savvy in the handling of this issue.  Someone joked to me it is as if Hoke is being set-up.  As preposterous as that is, it would at least explain what is happening.  This doesn’t feel anything like a Dave Brandon Production.
This is a full-blown crisis for the athletic department. Feature stories are airing on Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight. ESPN is having a field day. There are negative headlines everywhere. Recruits are decommitting. This whole situation is making Michigan look more and more toxic by the hour. And that's because Michigan is doing themselves a huge disservice by not getting out in front of this thing. By not addressing the situation completely, it leaves the media (and yes, us bloggers) to speculate about anything and everything.

Where is David Brandon? Normally, the outspoken AD is ready and waiting to speak to the cameras to offer his full-throated defense of his coach...or at the very least engage in damage control mode...you know, what an athletic director his supposed to do. His silence speaks volumes.

Something is up. Something big.

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