A Mild Concussion, A Mild Response

This is our concern, dude.
In the fourth quarter, Shane took a significant hit and stumbled after getting up. From the field level and without the benefit of replays, medical and coaching staffs did not see the hit. Because they did not see the hit, the athletic training staff believed Shane stumbled because of his ankle injury. The team neurologist, watching from further down the field, also did not see the hit. However, the neurologist, with expertise in detecting signs of concussion, saw Shane stumble and determined he needed to head down the sideline to evaluate Shane.

Shane came off the field after the following play and was reassessed by the head athletic trainer for the ankle injury. Since the athletic trainer had not seen the hit to the chin and was not aware that a neurological evaluation was necessary, he cleared Shane for one additional play.

So the sideline doctor thought he should go check out Shane because his stumbling showed signs of a possible hit to the head…but then he suddenly, somehow, didn't think an evaluation was necessary? To me, based on what we're being told, this is the most crucial part of what was ultimately missed.

As a credentialed media member, a Michigan fan and more importantly, a human, I am deeply troubled by almost everything that has transpired both on and off the field since Saturday afternoon. Michigan has consistently dropped the ball on almost every single opportunity to make this whole situation right.

Regardless of how you feel about how Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke, they both have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for their players, and they are accountable for when things don't work the way they should. Both the handling of Shane's injuries and the handling of the media circus since Saturday has been dismal.
Unfortunately, there was inadequate communication between our physicians and medical staff and Coach Hoke was not provided the updated diagnosis before making a public statement on Monday. This is another mistake that cannot occur again.
Brady Hoke was sent out into a media frenzy yesterday ill-prepared with the most critical and obvious information to address the situation properly and honestly. It was my belief yesterday, and it has been confirmed by Brandon's statement that Hoke was not given the proper information he needed to report on Shane's injuries.

It can't be overstated enough how this was a colossal breakdown between the two most important and visible people in the athletic department.

Hoke at 12:45 PM yesterday:
Q: So, Brady, you haven’t had any conversations with Dave Brandon, or have you, about this or about job performance in general?


In the last day or two…


So he wasn’t involved in the discussion about the Shane Morris injury?

“Not that I know of.”
Brandon at 1AM today:
I have had numerous meetings since Sunday morning to thoroughly review the situation that occurred at Saturday’s football game regarding student-athlete Shane Morris. I have met with those who were directly involved and who were responsible for managing Shane’s care and determining his medical fitness for participation.
Either Hoke is lying, or Dave Brandon chose not to include Hoke in his meetings with all related parties. If that's the case, then had Shane not had a high ankle sprain, Hoke would've practiced with him on Sunday...with a concussion.


This goes beyond pure miscommunication or mismanagement, this is outright negligence. Brandon is seemingly attempting to separate himself from Hoke here, but its not going to work. This is on both of them. Hoke is Brandon's guy. That can't be undone.

Folks, this thing is far from over.

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