Notre Dame 31, Michigan 0

In their final matchup with Notre Dame for the foreseeable future, Michigan entered Notre Dame Stadium hopeful to give Brady Hoke his first big road victory of his Michigan career. They will leave with an all-time losing record of 9-10-1 in South Bend, in yet another embarrassing loss in a major road game.

So embarrassing. Easily Hoke's worst loss at Michigan.

Bad penalties on early Notre Dame drives put Michigan's defense in bad positions. Bad turnovers at terrible times for Gardner. And when Michigan was at their most vulnerable, Notre Dame pounced. Michigan was utterly and completely out-coached on all phases of the game tonight.

There aren't many words that can describe just how much this game sucked. It was bad everywhere. There will be second guessing about everything...coaching, players, scheme...everything. That's what a 31-0 loss will do for you.

Much more will be said about this loss, but we're not going to say it right now.

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