Michigan Headed to BWW Bowl to Face Kansas State? [Update: Confirmed]

Don't you love questions in headlines? I know I do.

[12/8 8:50PM Update: Confirmed]
Yes, if you've been keeping an eye on Twitter this evening, it appears that Michigan will be facing Kansas State from the Big 12 in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl in Tempe, Arizona on December 28th.

Few things...
• This will be the first ever meeting between the two schools.
• This will also be Michigan's first game west of Texas since the Rose Bowl in 2007.
• The BWW Bowl picked before the Gator Bowl (they alternate with the 4th and 5th picks every year), and decided to go with Michigan over Nebraska and Minnesota – two schools with better overall records.
• The kickoff is set for 10:15 EST. Not ideal for the bulk of the fan base which will be watching on TV.

We'll have more on this soon.

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