BWW Bowl: Pregame and Post Game Photos

We'll see these two again.
Proud mama.

Much more will be said about this bowl game, and the season as a whole later...we have plenty of time. I think the 31-14 final score speaks for itself. Shane looked decent, actually good at times...but he had no help for much of the game. Not the way you want to send these seniors out, but this game was a perfect end to the 2013 season.

Before I board my plane back to DTW, here are my photos from last night at Sun Devil Stadium. Enjoy!

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  1. The 2013 season has finally come to an end!! What happened at the BW3 Bowl?? If the team did not have the "Fire in the belly" to truely compete in the game, then Hoke should have declined the bowl bid. I know the running game has been inconsistent all year, but where was Green? Michigan had a better game plan against OSU a month ago. BTW the defensive coordinator and his entire staff need to be shown the door (FIRED)!! If Brady Hoke can't get his act together for the 2014 season, he needs to find a differenct place to eat for 2015!!! Tough to say after another embarrassing loss, "Let's Go Blue", good night....

    >>A Wolverine fan in deepest darkest "Buckeye Country"<<< Konky