Breaking B1G: Week 3 Bowl Projections

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Let the stories be told, they can say what they want. Let the photos be old, let them show what they want. Let them leave you up in the air, let them brush your rock and roll hair. Let the good times roll. Let the good times roll-oll. Won't you let the good times roll.

B1G Rank Bowl This Week
(Week 3)
Previous Week
(Week 2)
vs Pac-12 #1
vs. BCS At-Large
vs SEC #2
vs SEC #4
vs Big 12 #4
vs SEC #6
vs Big 12 #6
vs Conf-USA #4
vs MAC #1

• So far, the Big Ten is a combined 21-3 through 2 weeks of non-conference play. That's the best start for the league in 10 years. Nevermind the fact that Michigan is the only team to beat a ranked opponent so far. BIG TEN!

• I'm so close to flipping Michigan and Ohio State. I'm resisting for the simple reason that I don't want to labeled as too much of a homer (disregard the name of this website). I'd like to be as impartial as can reasonably be expected. But man, it's close.

• Another week, and the Spartans drop down the list. They're bad. They're so bad. On the flipside, I think Northwestern has emerged Michigan's real foe for the Legends division. Nebraska will see what they're made of against UCLA this week.

• Illinois gets a huge boost by demolishing Cincinnati last week. All of the sudden, Illinois everyone! We'll see if that was just a flash in the pan.

• Indiana lost to Navy last week, which wasn't entirely unexpected, but they remain in the 8th spot, ahead of MSU, because their offense has a pulse. But a good test this week with Bowling Green in town. This will actually be a good game.

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