Breaking B1G: Week 2 Bowl Projections

All this time to make amends. What do you do when all your enemies are friends. Now and then I'll try to bend. Under pressure, wind up snapping in the end. One in ten. Don't wanna be your monkey wrench. One more indecent accident. I'd rather leave than suffer this. I'll never be your monkey wrench

B1G Rank Bowl This Week
(Week 2)
Previous Week
(Week 1)
vs Pac-12 #1
vs. BCS At-Large
vs SEC #2
vs SEC #4
vs Big 12 #4
vs SEC #6
vs Big 12 #6
vs Conf-USA #4
vs MAC #1

• The top 3 hold their spots. I stand by my Rose Bow/At-Large prognostication as well. Yes, Ohio State's less-than-stellar win against lowly Buffalo was enough to drop them in the AP poll from 2 to 3, but in our bowl projections, I'm not ready to bail just yet. Alabama beaters, they are not. We'll see how they do against SDSU.

• Michigan was easily the most impressive team in week 1 of play. Northwestern's win at Cal was not a shocker, but enough to keep them where they are. Moving forward, they could end up being Michigan's biggest challenge in the Legends division.

• Nebraska gave up over 600 yards of offense to Wyoming.

• Michigan State's offense was almost as unimpressive as Nebraska's defense.

• Iowa gets kicked out for losing to MAC school. They were hanging on by a thread anyway. They'll need to work their way back up. They'll have some company as both Indiana and Minnesota looked good on their openers.

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