Incoming: Sione Houma

39 days until Michigan football. 20 commits for the 2012 class. Here is the 2012 recruiting board.

Rivals: NR RB
Scout: ★★ RB/FB
24/7: NR FB

The pipeline from Utah to Ann Arbor isn't one that we see used very frequently. But Hoke is on the recruiting warpath, and this is evidence that no recruit in any state is safe from Hoke-a-mania!

Okay, I digress...sorry about that.

Houma, who is slightly off the radar, is listed by most of the recruiting sites as a RB. However, he is being recruited by Michigan exclusively as a fullback as far as we know. We had heard some message board rumors that a scholarship FB could be making it's way back onto the Michigan roster. I just didn't think it would be so quickly. His 6-0, 215 stats would lend us to believe that he must have some room to that is rather small for the prototypical B1G FB.

I would assume that is the case. But this commitment speaks to a larger sense that a move back towards a pro-style offense is definitely in the cards for Michigan down the road.

For further bio and analysis, mgoblog's Hello:.

Other Offers:
Utah, Utah State, Washington.

Hype Video:

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