Incoming: Jarrod Wilson

A little late getting to this one, but never-the-less, here it is. Make you parents proud and visit our 2012 recruiting board today!

Rivals: ★★★★ #13 S
Scout: ★★★★ #10 S
ESPN: ★★★★ #12 S
24/7: ★★★★ NR S

Jarrod Wilson is a huge get for the Michigan defensive backfield. Listed as a safety by every recruiting site, and a good one at that, generally around the top 10-20 in the nation at that position. His size should increase from 190 once he steps on campus and likely sees the field in 2012. mgoblog likes his pass coverage in deep zones, but has some work to do with covering slot receivers well. But his skill set is built-in, and can focus on the parts of his game that need work. Also, he currently holds a near-4.0 GPA in HS, and plans to enroll early.

Other Offers:
UConn, Illinois, Indiana, Kent State, Sparty, Notre Dame, Penn State, Pitt , Stanford, Syracuse, Toledo, UCLA, Vandy, West Virginia, and a strong interest from Ohio State.

Hype Video:

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