The Helmet Stickers Debate: Poll Results

Its been nearly 24 hours since we polled the MB Nation, asking how fans felt about the idea of bringing back the famous helmet stickers that Michigan wore from 1969 through 1994. The response to the question "Should Brady Hoke bring back the helmet stickers?" below...

Results: Mixed. The majority of the votes cast were in favor of bringing the stickers back (55% yay versus 36% nay). Only 9% of the total votes so far were indifferent. Hard to believe such a large percentage don't really care one way or the other. Don't people realize how important this stuff is?!

Here is a state-by-state breakdown of the votes.

However, on our Facebook fan page, the few comments to my post were all in the negative.

So what did we learn here?
Given the fact that when asked a yes/no question, the majority of responses were yes. But if given the opportunity to discuss or comment, fans who feel the stickers should stay retired feel adamantly so. What does this mean? It means that if I were Brady Hoke, unless I really wanted those stickers back, I'd leave them off the helmet. Why run the risk of disturbing one of the greatest icons in sports, and suffer the fan backlash that would most certainly ensue?


  1. We also learned that 55% of Michigan fans want to ruin the GREATEST helmet in college football. I can't believe that people can look at Charles Woodson's winged helmet and think that it needs to be muddied up with Buckeye stickers.

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