Helmet Sticker Reprise (Fan Poll)

Almost since the day Brady Hoke took the reigns as the head coach at Michigan, there has been a steady amount of speculation about whether or not Brady will re-institute the famous helmet stickers that once adorned Michigan's winged-helmet throughout the Bo and Mo areas.

I'm guessing Desmond received a sticker for striking this pose.
Thanks to Greg Dooley via MVictors, who penned a very nice piece a few months ago regarding the famous stickers, their designs throughout history, and their origin...we now know a few more details of the true story of the helmet stickers.

Greg refers to a piece from Hail to the Victors 2010 by John Kryk (and Steve Sapardanis) in which the idea for the stickers did not originate from Woody, as many assumed it did, but rather from Bo.
Kryk described the scene in 1969 when Schembechler announced that the Wolverines would be placed stickers on their helmets after games:
“Oh, like Woody?” a reporter asked.
“Uh-uh.” Schembechler grinned triumphantly.  “Woody got the idea from me.”
Kryk goes on to trace the start back of the “big-play” stickers to 1965, Bo’s third season at Miami, OH (then still nicknamed the Redskins).  They used little red tomahawks.
A visual of decal designs and dates used:

Also in Greg's article, a quote from an interview Brady Hoke did with DetNews' Wojo shortly after his hire:
Q. Many fans crave a return to old Michigan ways. You’ve talked about being tough in the trenches, having a pounding defense. What about the little traditions, like helmet stickers again?

A. I don’t know about the helmet stickers yet. I’m gonna get some counsel from ex-players, from coach (Gary) Moeller, coach (Jerry) Hanlon. We are going to have captains, I can promise you.
Just the mention of coach Moeller and Hanlon leads this blogger to believe that both of those men will likely lend their favorable recommendation of bringing the stickers back. However, we're not one to jump the gun around here...so we'll just have to wait and see.

However, that won't stop us from asking you, dear reader, your opinion.

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