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For Michigan football lately, the more things don't change, the more people start to talk. Michigan has accepted an invitation to the Gator Bowl, which is a huge shot in the arm of a program that went 7-5. The opportunity to play in a New Year's Day bowl is something most didn't expect after losing 5 games in the Big Ten.

On the face of things, you have a seemingly confident Rodriguez who appears to be gearing up for the Gator Bowl on Jan 1st. While Rich Rod goes about his business, Dave Brandon has remained steadfast to his "wait until after the season to evaluate" mantra that he's been quoting ever since the end of the tOSU game just over a week ago.

Things may seem calm, but there are signs that things are going on under the surface. Brandon sat down with visiting recruits and their families in-person on Saturday.

Today, Brandon met with media at the UM Gator Bowl presser, and said this concerning possible schedule of decisions and assessments:
“I don’t have a day on the calendar,” Brandon said. “But soon after the season ends, it’s my practice to sit down with the coach and go through the process of evaluating the progress we’ve made throughout the season.”
Now that bowl games have been set, it seems as if nothing will change until after the bowls are played.

AP Photo | Paul Sakuma
I have very little doubt that Harbaugh doesn't coach the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech. He's earned every right to coach that game, and I just don't see him bolting before he gets that chance. Odds are he has a bonus in his contract if he goes to a BCS game. I'm sure not coaching in that game would forfeit that bonus.

Speaking of contract...Stanford is desperately trying to keep Harbaugh, and has a sweetened deal ready for his Herbie Hancock. Standford AD Bob Bowlsby says this:
"We have a proposal in front of Jim and he's indicated he plans to accept it," Bowlsby said Sunday. "He's got this year and four more on his contract. I expect that he will be our coach in the foreseeable future." 
No AD has ever sent a contract (and a dump-truck full of money) to a head coach and not publicly said that he expects him to sign it. This is Bob simply doing his due-diligence. This could be all for show, and might not have any real effect on whether Harbaugh stays or leaves.

On the banquet and Josh Groban
When asked today about Rodriguez's speech at the annual football banquet last week, Brandon said:
“It was different,” Brandon said of Rodriguez’s speech. “The coach elected to do what he did. The banquet is now behind us and it’s time to focus on the bowl game.”
 Rodriguez's comments today about dropping the Bible verses and Josh Groban song:
“Every coach has their own personality, and I probably always have been emotional at our senior banquets,” he said. “You feel so close to a team, particularly this senior class, and I probably always have had strong emotions at the banquets.”

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