Bowl Pick'em League Prize Announced, Regular Season Results

You might have seen our post last week about the Bowl Pick'em league we've started. We have only had a few people sign up so far, so now we're making things a little more interesting.

We've partnered up with our great sponsor over at Moe Sport Shops/Underground Printing to come up with a great prize for the winner of the bowl league. The winner will take home a $25 gift certificate from Moe Sport Shops to be used on any number of their great products either in their store, or on their website.

It's very easy to play. We've created a private group on ESPN's College Bowl Mania. Just click the link below, log into you ESPN account or create a new one. And enter in the following information:

Group ID: Maize & Blue Nation
Password: gator

Click Here to Join

Scoring is simple...just pick the winner of each bowl game. No confidence points, no special order...just pick the winner of each game. Since it's a straight scoring system, and not a confidence system, you have until just before kickoff of each game in order to make your pick for that game. The first bowl games are on the 18th.

If you have any questions, just send me a shout. Good luck and Go Blue!

2010 Regular Season Pick'em Recap
For those of you who participated in the regular season pick'em league and wondered who "77win2010" was, it was none other than my mother. That's right. She jumped out to an early lead in week 1, and never looked back. Congrats to dear ole' mom for taking home the regular season trophy!

Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention the #2 spot went to my dad, and coming in 3rd was my lovely wife. I came in 8th, right behind my father-in-law who is a Texas Longhorn fan, but we let him play anyway. Who knew I had such great college football prognosticators in my family?!

The final standing (click image for larger picture):

Pay no attention to my week 12 score.

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  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Thanks for the kudos MBN!! It was fun! Hope I'm as lucky with the Bowl Pickem! 77win2010