Denard Beats Out Pryor for Silver Football Award

The "Silver Football" is an award given out annually by the Chicago Tribune to the Big Ten's best player. The leagues 11 coaches vote, but can not vote for their own players. Pryor and Robinson both received 3 first place votes, but Denard edged out Pryor with 1 more second place vote, giving him the award.

I would LOVE to see which coaches voted for which players.

Purdue's Ryan Kerrigan grabbed third place, Wisconsin's Scott Tolzein was forth, and Northwestern's Dan Persa and Wisconsin's JJ Watt tied with one first-place vote each.

Congrats to Denard for this award.

Is it just me or does Denard's post-season accolades make the case for keeping Rodriguez that much stronger? It would seem to be getting tougher for Brandon to make the case for getting rid of Rich Rod after giving Michigan one of it's most talented players of all time...and he's still just a sophomore.

Denard owns six of the top seven single-game total yard records in the Michigan record book. His 2010 yardage total is #1 in single-season overall yardage record. Expect the bowl game to further increase that single-season record, and probably set yet another mark in the top 10 single-game record book.

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