Wednesday Link-a-thon!

Well, its a slow day here at MBN, so I thought I'd let the internet do the dirty work around here. Here are some of the noteworthy links today...

Johnny at RBUAS has (finally) posted to his blog. His last post came just one day before the UM-OSU game last year. Through the whole head coaching search...nothing. Lloyd leaving...nothing. Bowl game...nothing. Pryor...nothing. But now, just over 7 months of silence, he has posted. And its definitely worth a click.

Also, Varsity Blue has a good post breaking down Utah's offense & defense, and what to expect when the Utes come calling to Ann Arbor this fall. I think it may be a bit premature to speculate on next season...but they do a good job breaking down stats and returning players.

ESPN's summer slowdown feature..."Title Town", has picked Michigan's own Ann Arbor as a finalist for the "award". Remember last summer's "Who's Now?" feature? Yeah...I don't either. I think Tiger Woods won that contest. Word is that Tiger is out for the rest of the year with another knee surgery planned. Bummer.

And finally...mgoblog has posted some fine fotos of the stadium renovation. These pics are taken from field level. I must say, the Big House is going to look much much bigger when this project is done. So cool.

Cheers! Go Blue!

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