Doug Weighs in on Michigan-Utah. And It's Not Pretty

According to that guy...Michigan will lose to Utah.

Now, that guy, who's name is Doug did I guess? a writer for the Charleston Gazette in Charleston, WV. Not only does he predict Utah to win, but to make it all the way to a BCS bowl.

I think Yost retired one day too early, because I detect a hint of a Buckstache.

Not only that, but the hair piece is probably a real panty-dropper!

Okay, okay, just because he's predicting a Utah win in Ann Arbor this year doesn't give me the right to bash his appearance, I just did that for fun. But I will go out on a limb and say that there is a very long line to so-called "experts" who are predicting the demise of Michigan football this year. And you probably can't swing a dead cat in WV without hitting a sportswriter who hates Michigan and Rich Rodriguez.
"I project this team to give Rich Rodriguez a fitting start at the "Big House" in Michigan, laying a big, fat "L" on the Wolverines."
Wow, that's some pretty impressive journalism! Doug, have you met Jim Carty? Jim...Doug?

Doug also drops this gem on us...

"YOU KNOW what we need in college football this fall?

Faster games? From a selfish deadline standpoint, I'm on board, but I'm not sure that many fans really want the clock to start after the ball is reset from out-of-bounds plays."

Faster games??? Are you serious? Games last year just barely cracked 3 hours. Much quicker than the typical 3 1/2+ hour games in previous years. I don't have my numbers in front of me, but something like 10-15 less plays per offense were run per game last year. And please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't steps being taken this year to extend the games a tad?

What we really need is more writers like Doug here. Next thing you know he might go way out on a limb and predict WVU has a 10-win season. Whoa!

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