Quintin Patilla..."Blasting" the New Staff?

"Report: Wolverine blasts new staff, set to transfer to Grand Valley"

Apparently, the Detroit Free Press thought Quintin Patilla was going all Justin Boren and "blasting" the new coaching staff as he announced he would be transferring to Grand Valley State next year.
“There were a lot of things I didn’t agree with,” he said, “I didn’t like what was going on. My health issues were present when the old staff was there and I felt like the new staff didn’t care too much.
Patilla has suffered from issues related to asthma. He was recruited as a linebacker, but was switched to fullback shortly after arriving in AA.
“I was just trying to find something different. I wanted to get away from Ann Arbor, start out new and Grand Valley is a good team, the campus is nice and they have nice surroundings.”
So can someone please tell me, at what point he blasts the current coaching staff? I'm all for using certain buzzwords to get people to click on a story. I mean, hey, that's what its all about. But this is a case of the headline making the news, not the story.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it sucks when a player leaves. But he's a 3rd string FB. Probably not going to be missed too much. Of course, I wish him well at GVSU.

Later, in a similar article, he says the following:
“It feels good. I’m eager to get to GVSU and meet the players and help them win national championships like they’re used to doing. I’m still in Ann Arbor working at the hospital until July though and I’m still cool with all my friends and guys at UM. They’re still my team, they’ll always be my team. They were my team as a kid and I’m still a Michigan fan."
Geez...he sounds pissed. Good work Free Press!

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